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Would you be number 1 on Google?




At a time when E-commerce has conquered consumers and is gaining ground in terms of sales, it would be irresponsible to neglect SEO.

You will tell us, but what is the link between SEO and E-commerce?




Only SEO will allow you to publicize your website



We will answer you that, the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) being the obligatory passages for any online purchase, so SEO is fast becoming for savvy brands the marketing strategy to adopt.

You may argue that your business has nothing like E-commerce.


What does SEO mean?



And we will let you know that, according to studies conducted by Marketingland, 90% of buyers compare offers before acting out. Indeed, in the current crisis context, the consumer is looking for the right deal. To do so, he uses all the means at his disposal, and at the top of his list of means we still have the search engines.

However, despite the potential of SEO, it remains very little used by companies. Surely because it requires certain skills and its results are visible only after several months of hard work.


Put yourself in SEO !!



Also our question will be this one, would you like to wait on the platform or take the train while there is still time?

Your Social Media Agency Bibou.net based in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire remains available for SEO optimization of your website.




 Social networks, business promotion tools




Social networks have become the best means of promoting a business. Indeed, they are ideal tools to facilitate the implementation of digital marketing strategy.




 Social networks, business promotion tools



Social networks, this is 3 billion active users. This is a platform that all companies must exploit regardless of their professional activity. This is a conclusion that most businesses come alone, how to interact with customers and promote products / services changes. But this direct connection with customers makes it possible to better understand their expectations and their needs. All the subtlety of this digital communication will lie in the balance between strategic presence and non-essential continuous presence.



 Social networks, business promotion tools

Once this know-how has been acquired, the benefits to be derived from social networks for businesses are numerous:

  • Help in finding potential customers
  • A tool to sell more easily
  • Fast and easy digital advertising
  • A business intelligence tool
  • Better visibility of your website
  • Connection and engagement tools
  • Reduced costs
  • Real-time profitability analysis

 Social networks, business promotion tools



So our question will be this one, are you ready to get into the digital world?

Your Social Media Agency Bibou.net based in Abidjan in Côte d'Ivoire remains available for the optimization of your presence on social networks and community management thereof.




Bibou.net shows you advertisements noteworthy

What are the ads that make buzz?

We present a significant weekly advertising selected by us for its humorous character, or his message or for the beauty of its execution.
We know that advertising in addition to its commercial purposes, have a very strong impact on the society, therefore, we are committed to celebrate and promote any initiative that aims to shake up ideas.

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